WoD: Chicago

The Empty Room
Act: IV
Woolvs in the Sitee
Act: III


Alligators in the Sewers
Act: II



Act: I


Jenny Langston is an overworked criminal defense lawyer disenchanted with her job and the system. Her ideals shaken, her ethics questioned, Jenny is at a crossroads in her life and the path she takes next may be one she cannot come back from.

Chronicle 2
A Funeral in Silver Rain
Act: III

Several days later Jill Sippowitz performs the eulogy at the funeral for Jimmy. The characters watch on feeling guilty for her loss and missing their friend. Once the service is concluded the Investigators are sought by two individuals.

First they meet with a mountainous man named Deion Wilson who explains that Tom B. Stone as well as the beings encountered at the apartment complex were indeed Kindred. He also tells the group that they should never have been hired to investigate such clandestine operations. Wilson is a familiar and employee of a powerful Vampire Lord named Justine Laskey. Laskey and Prince Maxwell have met and declared protection for the investigators under The Prince’s Tranquility.

Deion offers to put Scarlet and Grumshoe on retainer for future services and apologizes for the death of their friend.

Next the group meets with Jimmy’s brother Johnny. His son Sunny Nightshade previously used drugs but seemed to clean himself up. Lately he’s been hanging out with his new girlfriend Rebecca and her friend Nigel. Johnny is afraid he’s falling back in with the wrong crowd, and asks the investigators to intervene.

They track Sunny to the community of Englewood – one of the poorest and most volatile communities in Chicago. While investigating a lead on an individual named Gemma the characters have a confrontation with The Black Dahlias. Injured the characters are finally able to gain entrance into Gemma’s block meanwhile drawing the ire of a band of neighbourhood do-gooders who have been working together to protect a secret.

Insdie Gemma’s house the Investigators learn that Gemma is in fact a very old woman who has access to an underground pool with remarkable healing properties. She leads the investigators underground and shows a them a hole in a existing pavement and ground, she describes how years ago as a child she saw an angel fall from the sky and leave this hole. Now when it rains the rain seeps through the ground and this hole and gains a silver tint, pooling below into a healing spring.

The Black Dahlia Gang attacks the block and the investigators are able to help drive them away. Gemma claims they will now go after a little girl that her and the others have been trying to get to the pool. Scarlet and Grumshoe agress to help and gives chase.

The factions clash at the little girls apartment building and the investigators become overwhelmed. In an last ditch effort Grumshoe and Molotov use themselves as distractions while the rest get the girl to safety. Grumshoe and Molotov are mowed down by a stream of bullets.

With the little girl safely at Gemma’s block the remaining investigators return to take Grumshoe and Molotov’s bodies to the pool. Molotov is brought back from the brink of death but it is too late for Grumshoe as he becomes the second investigator to die in as many weeks.

Liar's Town
Act: II

Scarlet and Grumshoe is approached by Tom B. Stone, a somewhat famous Wrestler who is currently the Champion of the independent Chicago circuit. They learn from Stone that a colleague of his named Dr. Imbrie has been kidnapped.

Imbrie is a grey market specialist – meaning she performs medical procedures off the grid for clients who require discretion. A ransom note has been issued claiming her kidnappers to be NAME 1 and NAME 2. The issue? Neither of these people exists – Stone knows they are made up people for billing requirements for Imbrie’s grey market services.

Searching Dr. Imbrie’s apartment first the group breaks in successfully and finds that she is involved in darker affairs than just grey market medical. They find files finding she has been working on a project called ROHEF and being paid huge sums of money from an unknown source.

The investigators then hear that Vincenzo Poussan has already been apprehended by the police and use Jimmy Nightshade’s contact Jill Sippowitz to interview him. Vincenzo swears the the group that he is in fact Tyler Mathis and does not even live in Chicago, instead he lives a quiet non-criminal life in Lafayette Indiana. Investigating the address he was arrested from, Scarlet and Grumshoe find a Wallet and Driver’s license for a Tyler Mathis in Indiana. The picture matches Vincenzo.

Unsure what to do the Investigators decide to try and pursue the second kidnapper Benedict Gualdoni. They track him to an apartment complex with unbelievably tight security in The Loop. Failing to get past the initial security, Jimmy Nightshade successfully climbs up a garbage shoot into the building. Meanwhile outside the group arouses the suspicion of security who calls for backup.

Several ominously powered individuals pull up to the front of the building and a firefight ensues. Several investigators are heavily wounded and need to regroup in the alley behind the building. Meanwhile inside Jimmy is cornered by two beings of great power after randomly attempting to locate the right apartment. He attempts to escape by kicking in a door but helplessly bounces off and is overpowered by the two.

Jimmy attempts to bluff his way out of the situation but the beings easily discern he is lying and throw him through a nearby window.

With the horrified investigators watching Jimmy falls to his death below.

The Ratman
Act: I

The private investigation firm of Grumshoe and Scarlet is visited by Delilah Rose Laughingbird a resident of Hyde Park. Sometimes called the “Oasis in Hell” Hyde Park is a rich neighbourhood of affluent people in the North side of Chicago.

Jackie claims that two recent murders committed in Hyde Park are linked and that she knows this because her psychic powers allowed her to foresee both crimes. She hires the investigators to ensure that her lovely home remains in a “nice neighbourhood.”

The investigators find that both murderers, Payton Murphy and Bill O’Connor visited a psychic named Madame Prefontaine. A con-artist operating close to the downtown core of Chicago. Initially suspecting Prefontaine of having an involvement the characters inadvertently encounter The Ratman as he touches JoJo outside Madame Prefontaines.

After determining that Prefontaine is a fake and only interested in money (after she repeatedly cold reads and robs the investigators of cash) the group decides to reconvene and discuss options. While driving back to the office JoJo is overcome with sudden murderous intent and crashes the car.

JoJo escapes and the group questions the homeless in the area. Learning about the Ratman and the terror he holds over street people. The group determines that JoJo may try to harm somebody close to her and attempt to find her, however the group is too late and by the time she is found she has murdered her husband.

The Investigators initially try to cover up the murder but as JoJo slowly recovers she insists they turn her in.

From somewhere in the dark streets of Chicago and evil smile grins with satisfaction.


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