Davin Dominique Scarlett

Pretty, Sneaky and Clumsy as shit


Age: 19
Height: 5’9"
Black hair, Green eyes.

Davin has taken to wearing suits that are custom made and tailored to allow full range of motion as well as discreetly accommodating Frank’s old gun which seldom leaves his side.

He’s a private person that in the past months since loosing his luxovia has taken to drinking and painkillers if he doesn’t have a drink in his hand, he probably has a cigarette. Every now and then he can be seen running his fingers over the scar to remind himself what he’s lost.


Ever since Davin was young he always pushed his parents with how much he could get away with. Being the youngest of four he was often forgot about and allowed to do as he pleased. The running joke in his family has always been that after his parents had three children they were to tired to deal with him. He took advantage of this at any chance he got. Starting out small at first, shoplifting and staying out all night at parties. When he was sixteen he joined a group of his friends to move on to bigger crimes. It was never about the monetary gain for Davin though. It was always about the thrill of it, exactly how much could he get away with before he got caught. Not even five days after his seventeenth birthday that question was answered, while breaking into a jewelry store he forgot to disable the security system and he was apprehended by the police while the rest of his friends got away. Lucky for him his father (an ex police captain then private investigator) was able to pull some strings to get him off the hook. The price of this was that Davin was to work with his father at Scarlett and Grumshoe so he could keep an eye on him. After his father’s retirement Davin continued to work at Scarlett and Grumshoe.

Davin Dominique Scarlett

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