Henry Fournier

Mokolé rolls in his sleep and the world is awash with waves


Henry has shoulder length blond hair that he either keeps swept to one side, or kept in a neat ponytail in the rear. He’s on the slimmer side and usually will have a book in his hands. He is typically unshaven and wearing an ill-fitting sweater that has seen to many cycles in the wash.


Henry has been with Scarlett and Grumshoe for a while now, working for the most part in a research capacity. His field work with the group has given him new perspective on life and what he wants to accomplish. Watching Jimmy get thrown out a window to his death was a rude awakening that death can come at any time, and to always be moving forward.

He grew up in a rural part of Michigan, where his parents were owners of the movie rental store. He spent a lot of his childhood watching movies when his parents were busy running the business. He was always fascinated with the fantastic and the paranormal, going so far as to secretly practice witchcraft in his basement in his youth. He had never accomplished a real spell, however always secretly held out hope that one day he might manage the feat.

After high school he decided to go to college and was accepted into Western. He completed a degree in Historical Literature and decided to move to the city. Chicago was a the only choice. When he was a child and he watched Candyman alone in his basement, he knew that one day he would live there and see that city for himself. He decided to give in to this strange impulse, and take the plunge into the big city.

Henry Fournier

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