Mitchell Dalton

A Rather Unusual Doll


Age: 26
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 170-175 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel

Body-wise, he’s about what you’d expect from someone his height and weight who goes to the gym: muscled without being bulky, and toned enough that a bit of fat isn’t really noticeable. It’s sort of a mystery how he maintains this build, given that he spends most of his days at the agency fairly sedentary, but so long as he can still haul heavy things and throw a decent punch, no one seems to question it.

Unlike the rest of the (mostly) professional-looking people at the agency, Mitchell almost always looks like he rolled out of bed and threw on the first thing he found that wasn’t stained; t-shirts, jeans, tank tops, shorts, hoodies, and sweatpants make up most of the clothing the others have seen him in, and he almost always has a knitted hat of some kind crammed onto his head.

The best-dressed anyone at the office has seen him is when they attended Silver’s opening night, at which he wore a three piece suit in black and red with gold accents; unlike the rest of his wardrobe, it was in incredible condition, though whether he simply kept this particular set of clothes that impeccable or bought them specifically for the club, he never disclosed.


Mitchell is a new face at Scarlett’s agency, and it’s not really clear if he actually works there or not; he simply showed up one day a short time ago saying he was “supposed to look after the kid”, and has been around ever since. He seems to have made it his job to clean up after Scarlett’s destructive behaviour, and acts as a stand-in punching bag if the latter tries to break important things; even when he comes out looking like he got hit with a shovel, he patches himself up and never mentions it or demands an apology. He keeps to himself, and seems content to switch between playing solitaire and napping on the floor when at the office. He refuses to answer to anything other than Mitchell.

While it’s not entirely clear to the others exactly why, he allows a Kindred named Tobias to feed on him on a somewhat regular basis. He doesn’t seem to harbor any goals of becoming a Kindred, nor does he seem particularly interested in stopping his role as a food source.

Mitchell Dalton

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